“What originally caught my ear was Jamie’s unique vocals — she alternates a bit between quiet, breathy, more husky timbres before launching in to brighter, stronger, more melismatic  riffs. She has a very clear, pure kind of voice, which really compliments her more melodic and simplified writing style.”

“In an age where pop music seems to correlate to the masses as Lady Gaga, Jamie brings to us a return to pop music’s origin.” … “It’s more along the lines of Jewel’s Pieces of You album — quietly thought-provoking, seemingly sweet on the surface with more meaning and feeling hidden underneath the surface. Her vocal style reminded me quite a bit of Sara Bareilles.”

“At times, she come across as a bit demure, something I know she’s aware of as she describes her own sound as “sweet ‘n’ powerful” and “endearingly neurotic”, something I indeed do adhere to. Overall, I find her very relatable — as she’s able to write about things she knows and flesh them out into something more symbolic.”

“I really like her stripped down vocal approach — it takes away the distraction that lies in over-production and is a reminder that a good song is a good song, and a good vocal is a good vocal. “

“The spotlight is her soft-turning-strong-turning-soft-again voice that really makes me excited for her potential. Somethings you can’t learn, you must be born with. As excited as I tend to get when it comes artists at the beginning of their careers, only a fair few can take their lump of clay and construct something truly amazing. I do think that Jamie is well on her way toward exactly this.”




“Jamie Bendell is a New York City artist with a wistful songwriter vibe that draws you in with a wavering vibrato in her voice.”

“She makes the whole act of drinking “Chocolate Milk” a exercise in self reflection a la Ben Folds. “Rescue Me” is a compelling single as well, with a strong melody in the chorus.”


“Jamie has an amazingly expressive voice!”

“When you listen to her sing the song and soul is laid bare. Her honesty and sincerity really comes across in her song writing.”


“I’m particularly fond of her song ‘Rescue Me,’ which is a great pop ballad that features a nice guitar/piano melody which really drives the refreshing ‘songwriter-feel.’ You can tell it’s a really honest expression from Jamie and is quite beautiful. It reminds me of something MTV might cue up to play on the Hills as some overly dramatic goodbye scene is taking place :p”


“Jamie Bendell is a very talented upcoming NYC singer/songwriter that contacted me with her music, and I’m glad she did. Her style is slower-pop and Colbie Caillait-ish.  I say slower-pop because pop is so often associated with synthesizers and raging club beats nowadays, and people have begun to forget about the Michelle Branches, Jewels, and Sara Bareilles”

” Jamie fits in this category with her crystal clear vocals, catchy acoustic guitar riffs, and meaningful lyrics”