About Jamie Bendell

Endearingly melodic singer-songwriter pop with inflections of americana, folk, and soul.




With her sweet demeanor and soft-spoken voice, Jamie draws people in with unforeseen strength and passion shown in both her vocal performance and songwriting abilities.


Want to learn more?

Growing up, the Bendell Family always had a song to accompany each part of the day. There were wakeup songs, and songs for the day, songs for playtime and songs for clean up. There were songs at meal times and songs about getting wrinkly after staying in the bath for too long. Then, there were the goodnight songs, not forgetting River of Dreams that played on repeat in Jamie’s bedroom, every single evening. It’s pretty safe to say that one of the reasons Jamie has decided to follow her dreams of pursuing a career in music is because she has grown up surrounded by a myriad of melodies.

After graduating from Emory University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Jamie didn’t even consider looking for jobs related to her studies. Instead, she packed up her car and made the 14-hour drive back up to New York City. Having recently completed a four song EP recorded at The Gallery, then a five song EP, and now another three song EP recorded at JRock Studios, Jamie has been spending as many nights as possible frequenting the music scene around Manhattan, and playing both solo and full band shows across the US.